Sunday, 29 April 2007

A Few Things

There are a few things that all sissys should be, and over time I will adopt all of these:

1. A sissy should always be hairless from the eyelashes down
2. A sissy should always wear panties - even if every other item of clothing is male
3. A sissy should always wear stockings or pantyhose. If she can, the sissy should wear one or both of these items of clothing under her male clothes
4. A sissy should always wear make up and nail polish
5. A sissy should always wear at least 4" heels.

GOLDEN RULE. A sissy should always appreciate the female form - this is what she aspires to, worships, longs to be

These are the rules I have set myself and will try to obide by as long as I want to be a sissy.

Rules 1 to 3 are easy and I should adhere to them everyday. Tonight I had a very relaxing bath, where I used Veet on my whole body so I am silky smooth. I try to always wear panties, so rule 2 should be easy enough to follow, as is rule 3. Although I have a huge pantyhose and high heel fetish, so rule 3 and 5 will cause some initial arousal, which after some time will subside as wearing both will become natural.

I am Victoria. I love panties, pantyhose, high heels and cock.

This is my mantra, I say it as often as I can and will, from now, start and end every blog post with this.

I am Victoria. I love panties, pantyhose, high heels and cock.

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Birgit Slave said...


I have been waering panties and stockings also for a long time (couple of months) every day. And I mean 7/24 really. I had to waer it also under men clothes. I love this feeling!
I hope I hear from you some more. What are your experiences since 2007 ??

Yours sincerely
Birgit Slave