Saturday, 28 April 2007

As odd as it sounds...

...I dont have sexual desires for males.

Yet I would love to please a cock. I know, a cock is male, and to please a cock is to have sexual interest in males but I honestly dont find any other part of a male attractive.

This is another small step on my journey to becoming a gurl.

I want cock. I dont want a man.

I have been watching a video of cumshots from porn videos, where all you see is the womans face and the mans cock. I would love to be the woman in these shots. To please the cock, suck, rub, tease and please it, then to drink its delicious cum.

Some day soon.

Ideally I will end up with another sissy, who like me desires to be a woman, wants to pleasure cocks, but doesnt want the man attatched to the end of it. I know, its odd, but thats what I would like, a good sissy like that I long to be or maybe a shemale.

Shemales are wonderfull, you get the prettyness of a sexy, femenine woman, yet a nice cock to please. I would love this.

I also belive that every potential sissy should have an achieveable role model on which she should base herself, and her is mine.

I dont know her name, but she is a model for

I am a curvy person myseld, and everything about this woman screams elegance and sexuality. I want to be just like her.

This is my aim.


annasissydoll said...

oh i SO know just what you mean about cock!
i never look at a guy and think "mmm he's a cutie!"
But as a sissy, i can vividly picture myself on my knees serving a cock's pleasure. :)
lots and lots of cock! :)
anna sissy doll

Ariannami said...

I too believe as you do about cock. However, an adorable, fulfilling cock may cum with unexpected desires. Was it good for you? Do you want to do it again? And again? And again? If so, there will be a man attached. He has feelings, a full body, and a personality. If you wish a "repeat performance" and he does too, your attraction may run deeper then just his cock. I'm open to it!!!

Mistress Roxy said...

I understand You right.
Gracias por compartir y Congratulations!!!!